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The imagery I create with watercolor involves a complex network of layers vacillating between historical art references or present day themes or comics. Atop all this imagery are three dimensional object(s) juxtaposed to these complex flat planes. The theme references that move deep into the surface are not there as a matter of disguise or clever hiding, but instead move deep into the darkness of time and memory. The intention is for the viewer to examine the work that is on top, and that which goes so deep as to be barely visible. To me, this reflects our response to time, to the past and to present realities. Then the focal point then becomes the central image or object which is illuminated by the ever eternal light. So in a sense, I have set a stage and the central image then takes center stage for a two dimensional and a three dimensional drama at the same time.


I have had the joy of teaching many workshops in the past twenty years. These included such locations as Detroit, Phoenix, Denver, San Antonio, San Diego, Dallas, Indianapolis and Myrtle Beach, S. C.. 

In my workshops I have created a middle ground for the purpose of meeting the participant on new ground. These workshops usually feature water soluble pencils and crayons. The intention here is to promote originality in expression and a playful experimentation of the semi-opaque medium. The subject matter can feature still life but not at the exclusion of landscape or human figurative ideas. While I explain my private studio works, I do not demonstrate these processes due to time requirements and the need to retain them as private property or "domain". The workshops are designed to offer valid directions that can be launched by the participants using their own creativity and sense of originality.

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